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Setting the standard.

Not all polarized lenses are equal in quality and performance. It has taken NuPolar technology decades in design and development work to become the true and accepted global standard for polarized lenses.

As the world’s leading brand of polarized prescription lenses, NuPolar sets the benchmark for stringent performance characteristics of optics, polarized film technology, colour consistency, material sciences and more.


Long lasting durability & quality for wearer satisfaction.

Far reaching reputation and consistent reliability has positioned NuPolar as the polarized lens of choice for eyecare professionals globally. Wearers enjoy long term satisfaction and the knowledge they’ve received value for money.

Younger Optics is one of the few lens manufacturers that has film manufacturing capabilities, which results in unrivalled excellence in the areas of film placement, colour stability, heat stability and advanced film adhesion. Creating an exceptional polarized lens starts with innovative polarizing film technology. Here NuPolar is unrivalled, so eyecare professionals can recommend with confidence.

Colour & Heat Stability

The most colour and heat stable lenses.

NuPolar lenses are the most colour and heat stable polarized lenses available, meaning colours remain true and rich and do not fade over time – even when repeatedly left in hot cars by wearers.

During laboratory processing, polarized lenses can often be subjected to high levels of heat (120 – 140°C), particularly during hard coating and anti-reflective coating. As a result, lens colour can change due to thermal degradation. NuPolar’s proprietary HT Film Technology ensures NuPolar lenses offer more colour stability than any other lens on the market.

Film Adhesion

Enhanced quality and greater dispensing flexibility

The unique composition of NuPolar’s film manufactured by Younger Optics, results in excellent film adhesion eliminating the possibility of delamination.

This polarizing film technology also enables NuPolar lenses to be fit into any frame whether that’s nylon, wrap or three-piece. The unique chemical composition of the polarizing film facilitates a chemical reaction between the lens material and polarizing film material. As a result, the polarizing film and the lens are linked by a stable chemical bond. This eliminates any chance of film separation.

Digital Surfacing

Providing choice for eyecare professionals.

NuPolar products are designed to be freeform friendly giving eyecare professionals and laboratories more choice. Younger Optics takes care to focus on the precision of the front curve of NuPolar lenses; curve control and optics on the front of the lens is where excellent digital surfacing must begin. This curve control can only be achieved through rigorous adherence to manufacturing standards throughout the manufacturing process. The number of base curves in one-dioptre steps is maximised to give as thin and flat a finished lens as possible.

Thinnest Lenses

For improved cosmetics.

NuPolar lenses are always designed to ensure a thin a lens providing better cosmetics for wearers. The proprietary process for polarizing film placement enables the lens to be as thin as possible, with the film and the lens material being linked via a chemical bond unique to Younger Optics’ processes. When the polarizing film is placed, the chemical composition of the film facilitates a rection between the lens materials and polarizing film material resulting in a stable chemical bond.

Progressive Designs

Precise replication of progressive designs.

Optical designers make every effort to produce the best design possible for each patient. However, many polarized lenses do not properly replicate the intended design. NuPolar progressive designs use patented technology which ensures the replicated design on the finished lens matches that which the optical designers intended. Younger’s unique film matching technology actually forms the film into non-spherical shapes and often replicates the curvatures of traditional progressive designs for precision and best possible result.


Wide range of styles & availability.

Whether it’s materials, colours, or styles, NuPolar has a consistent level of availability for eyecare professionals’ patients. NuPolar is made in more progressive styles than any other product. Eyecare professionals can be confident that if a product is needed in polarized lenses, it’s probably available in NuPolar.