The Science of Colour

Science of Colour

Need to add some colour to your life? When it comes to polarized lenses, true and deep colour should always be the aim! The human eye is a superb “colour matching instrument” and NuPolar lenses satisfy these demanding colour requirements. The result? Excellent, true colour uniformity.

How does NuPolar create ‘True Colours’?

When a lens is subjected to heat, it may change colour due to thermal degradation. Measuring the color of the lens before and after a key test tells us how much the colour has shifted. Polarized lenses are often subjected to high levels of heat (120 – 140°C) in laboratory processing, particularly during hard coating and AR coating. Using NuPolar’s proprietary “HT Film Technology”, NuPolar products are the most colour stable polarized lenses available.
Feel confident your greys will be deep and satisfying greys, as will your browns, and any other NuPolar colour. And they will stay that way!

Lens Colours and their functions:

Dark Grey: Excellent for bright, sunny conditions while colour integrity is maintained. Colours become richer and deeper and maximum blinding glare protection is provided.

Light grey: A lighter grey lens with 65% tint for less bright conditions. In low light, good colour perception is maintained. Can effectively be tinted to another desired colour without affecting polarization efficiency.

Copper: High contrast lens that provides colour definition and improves depth perception. It is particularly effective in cutting through blue light, which is often seen as 'haze'. Highlights reds and greens. Can be an excellent lens for driving in varying light conditions.

Green: Perfect for those who enjoy a traditional green colour. Maintains good colour perception and improved contrast compared with a grey lens. Can be used to enhance vision on both bright days and in overcast conditions.

Brown: A true, deep, rich brown that provides superior contrast and depth perception with green and red colours especially highlighted. Performs well in bright sunny conditions but also perfect for overcast days, low light and foggy conditions.

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