Transitions® Drivewear® – A 15-year-old product still WAY ahead of its time

Transitions DriveWear

Even after 15 years, Transitions Drivewear lenses still offer the best combination of polarization and photochromics on the market. The three unique colour stages are still the key to its unparalleled success.

In low light conditions, Drivewear is a high-contrast olive green color, allowing the maximum useful light information to reach the eye. Behind the windshield in bright light conditions, Drivewear changes to a copper color, which many feel is the ideal driving color, enhancing the reds and greens.

In bright outside conditions, Drivewear is a dark brown which is designed for maximum filtration of excess light.

In my lensmaking career, I have heard many comments about all types of lenses, but I have never heard more positive feedback or known a more loyal base of wearers than with Drivewear lenses. It is remarkable that after all these years, Drivewear is still setting sales records!

David Rips
Younger Optics