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High Impact & Lightweight

Providing safer lens materials & greater comfort

Trilogy High Impact Lenses.

High impact lenses are required for glasses wearers that participate in sport, whose hobbies and work require safer lens materials and in children’s eyewear. Some wearers also require chemically resistant lenses.

A thinner lens is desired for improved eyewear cosmetics while lightweight lenses are preferred by many for greater comfort when wearing glasses.

Younger Optics’ Trilogy lenses offers the protection and comfort these wearers seek.

Lens material that offers superior visual acuity, high impact resistance, is thin and lightweight.

Who: Children, those whose jobs and hobbies require high impact lenses, play sport, require professional safety eyewear and those who wear rimless frames.


  • Clear
  • NuPolar Solid Tint
  • Transitions Drivewear
  • Transitions Signature GEN 8
  • Transitions XTRActive New Generation
  • Transitions XTRActive Polarized


  • Single vision
  • Bifocal
  • Trifocal
  • Multifocal
  • Camber