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NuPolar Infinite.

NuPolar Infinite is a polarized photochromic lens that automatically changes from light grey to dark grey to suit a wearers’ current light conditions.

Always polarized, the photochromic technology quickly reacts to UV light to darken or lighten as each light condition warrants, enabling wearers to seamlessly enjoy comfortable and optimal vision in any outdoor daytime condition.

In addition to NuPolar Infinite, Transitions Drivewear is another polarized photochromic lens in the range. NuPolar is also available in static tints in solid, gradient and mirror styles.

ADAPT TO YOUR ADVENTURE with NuPolar Infinite.


As a polarized photochromic lens, NuPolar Infinite responds to changing light varying the darkness of its grey tint.

Lightest state – light grey:
60% tint
Darkest state – dark grey:
91% tint
Polarization efficiency:
UV blockage:

Lens Colour Performance

Did you know not all lens colours are created equal?

There is more to choosing a lens colour than personal preference and frame selection.

Read more about the suitability of lens colours for different conditions and activities.


Learn more about the suitability of NuPolar for various popular outdoor activities.

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Normal sunglasses block brightness whereas NuPolar polarized lenses block brightness and blinding glare.

Wearer Profile

NuPolar Infinite is suited to people that:

  • Want the best possible visual acuity for daytime activities
  • Spend a lot of time outdoors in all seasons and conditions
  • Appreciate the combined benefits of polarization and photochromics
  • Spend time on or around water
  • Spend time driving
  • Need to block blinding and dangerous glare
  • Want to reduce eye fatigue and strain from bright light
  • Want 100% UV blockage
  • Want to see better in both bright light and shade

Wearer Benefits

  • Optimal daytime vision from dawn until sunset
  • More vibrant, brilliant and comfortable vision
  • Enhance contrast and depth perception for exceptional vision in bright to shady conditions
  • Block bright sunlight and dangerous blinding glare, unlike regular tinted lenses
  • Increase visibility and safety on roads
  • See below the surface during water-based activities
  • Maximum eye protection with 100% UV blockage and glare reduction
  • Long lasting quality and durability
  • Fit virtually any frame

Why Eyecare Professionals Recommend NuPolar

Far reaching reputation and consistent quality has positioned the NuPolar range as the polarized lens of choice for eyecare professionals globally.

Durability & quality for patient satisfaction
  • Long lasting durability
  • Colour stability
  • Heat stability
  • Excellent film adhesion
Wide range to meet wearer needs
  • Large range of colours and styles
  • Wide range of materials
  • Thinnest polarized lenses on the market
Versatility for ease of recommendation
  • Freedom of frame choice
  • Perfect for digital surfacing
  • Extensive range
  • Local assistance

8 in 10 eyecare professionals are likely to recommend NuPolar¹

Materials & Designs


  • 1.50 Hard Resin
  • 1.59 Polycarbonate


  • Single vision
  • Suitable for freeform digital progressive processing

Marketing Materials

Eyecare professionals can order NuPolar point of sale materials and demonstration tools for use in-practice and with patients.

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