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Benefits of NuPolar Polarized Lenses

Total glare protection only a polarized lens can deliver

More vibrant and comfortable vision

Exceptional vision in both bright light and low light

Increase visibility and safety on roads

Maximum eye protection with 100% UV blockage and glare reduction

Greater visibility into water during water-based activities

High quality lens performance

Wide choice of lens colours and styles

Fit virtually any frame

Durability for long-lasting satisfaction and value for money

Dangerous Everyday Glare

Polarized light creates blinding glare that seriously and dangerously inhibits vision. These conditions are especially harmful when the sun is low on the horizon, such as early mornings and late afternoons.

Ordinary tinted lenses only cut down on ambient light or light transmittance. By their very nature, tinted lenses cannot block blinding glare.

Only polarized lenses can block out dangerous blinding glare offering greater safety when on the road walking, driving or cycling, along with other outdoor activities.

Polar Opposite

What is the difference between vision with and without polarized lenses?

It is Polar Opposite!

Find out more about vision with and without polarized lenses

Blinding Glare & Polarization

Outdoors we are surrounded by glare and reflection, which can even bounce off particles in the air. When light hits smooth reflective surfaces – such as roads, water, car bonnets, snow, buildings, wet surfaces or even the bright chrome of the car in front – the light becomes polarized.

This polarization of light means the vertical waves are absorbed while horizontal light waves bounce off the surface to create blinding glare. This blinding glare can be debilitating and even perilous when on the road driving, cycling or walking.

Polarized lenses absorb and eliminate the horizontal reflected glare, while allowing the remaining light to pass through to improve visual acuity and contrast.