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Providing vision correction in three viewing zones

Progressive Lenses.

Progressive lenses are increasingly the lens choice for presbyopia correction, which is typically experienced by people aged 40+ whereby near vision capabilities continue to decrease over time.

Progressive – or multifocal – lenses are an all-in-one integrated lens providing vision correction in three viewing zones: distance vision, intermediate vision and near vision. There are no visible lines on the lens, nor does the wearer perceptibly notice the difference when switching between viewing zones. Progressive lenses most closely mimic natural vision prior to the onset of presbyopia.

Progressive lenses generally suit patients with more than one refractive error; such as presbyopia coupled with myopia (short sightedness).

Breakthrough Camber technology transforms a Camber blank into superior progressive design.

Advanced curve technology that provides more comfortable and enhanced vision at any distance.

Who: New and experienced progressive lens wearers seeking excellent vision correction and improved aesthetics.


  • 1.50 Hard Resin
  • 1.53 Trilogy Trivex
  • 1.59 Polycarbonate
  • 1.60 High Index
  • 1.67 High Index
  • 1.74 High Index


  • Clear
  • NuPolar Solid Tint
  • Transitions Drivewear
  • Transitions Signature GEN 8
  • Transitions XTRActive