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Since the release of Camber Lens Technology, it has seen unprecedented success. I believe the reason for much of this success is hidden deep within the design “DNA” of Camber.

While many digital progressive designs on the market are based on traditional front-surface progressives whose designs have been “converted” for use on the backside of the lens, Camber was NOT designed this way.

Camber was designed by IOT, a modern digital design firm whose engineers developed Camber’s back-side designs in conjunction with Camber’s unique variable base curve front surface. IOT’s Camber design takes into account both surfaces and the specific Rx to look at the lens as a complete 3-dimensional optical system. The result was excellent vision that wearers can’t stop raving about!

Architects, designers, inventors, and visionaries all agree… sometimes it is better to start with a “blank slate” than to be constrained by legacies of the past.


David Rips
Younger Optics