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NuPolar Mirror is now available in Polycarbonate!

The popular and trendy NuPolar Mirror polarized lenses are available in 1.50 hard resin and newly launched polycarbonate material, in three colour options: Silver, Blue and Gold.

The introduction of the more durable polycarbonate material allows wearers to have a stronger lens, while maintaining a fashionable appearance. Perfect for rock climbers, water sports enthusiasts, golfers and mountain bikers – to name a few.

NuPolar Range

• Available in 1.50 and polycarbonate
• Contains high-efficiency polarized film to block blinding glare
• NuPolar Mirror silver & NuPolar Mirror blue lenses contain grey polarized films
• NuPolar Mirror gold lenses contain a brown polarized film
• Poly SV Rx Range: -8.00 D to +6.50 D
• Hard Resin SV Rx Range: -7.00 D to +5.00 D

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