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The NuPolar Gradient range has now expanded to include 1.50 standard index, in addition to polycarbonate. This means more of your patients can enjoy the benefits of polarization while sporting on-trend gradient lenses.

The range is available in the following colours:

1.50 1.59
Grey / Grey Grey / Grey
Brown / Grey Brown / Grey
Brown / Brown

Gradient lenses are coveted by the fashion-conscious with the lens being dark at the top and gradually fading to light at the bottom. This means prescription lens wearers don’t have to compromise on fashion and sophistication; they can get the gradient look they want with the polarization they need!

Far-reaching reputation and consistent quality has positioned the NuPolar range as the polarized lens of choice for eyecare professionals globally. Here’s why you can feel confident with NuPolar Gradient.

Gradient tint built into the encapsulated polarizing filter

  • No tinting required and consistent matching
  • No fading over time
  • Faster laboratory turn-around

Durability & quality for patient satisfaction

  • Long lasting durability
  • Colour stability
  • Heat stability
  • Excellent film adhesion

8 in 10 eyecare professionals are likely to recommend NuPolar in the future¹